Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews

Wrenches, which are now counted among the essential tools for tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts, date back to the 15th century. There were also adjustable coach wrenches that were designed to handle wagon wheel nuts of uneven sizes. It was England where these wrenches were manufactured and were exported during the late 18th century and early 19th century to North America.

The mid-19th century started witnessing original wrenches that utilized a screw for widening or narrowing the jaws, which also included original monkey wrenches.

Next came the impact wrenches in various forms, which included pneumatic, corded and cordless. Today, cordless impact wrenches have attracted a wide range of workers for being able to work without wires. Cordless impact wrenches apply a rotational force in short intervals which helps the user to apply a much larger torque to the fixing in comparison to what is applied on a regular wrench.

As a result, one applies minimal effort and therefore finds it easier to work with ease. So, whether it’s a DIY or any professional assignment, keeping the best cordless impact wrench is always essential.

How to Choose the Best cordless impact Wrench

If you are having a toolkit devoid of a cordless impact wrench, you must know that you have missed out considering a vital component for your future work assignments. In comparison to a traditional wrench, a cordless impact wrench is much more convenient as it uses batteries, eliminating the need for wires and hence making things less complicated.

In fact, it can let you easily tighten as well as loosen nuts and bolts. No matter where lies the power source, you can keep a safe distance from it and enjoy working without being distracted by dangling wires.

Well, if you are new to a cordless impact wrench, here are torque wrench reviews and few tips and suggestions that must be kept in mind while buying one. Take a look:

  • Know your purpose

    There are different types of work depending on which you should proceed to buy a cordless impact wrench. The type of work will actually help you have an idea about the power and size of the device. If you know your purpose, it will certainly be painless for you to identify the right cordless impact wrench.

  • Know the power requirement

    The universal truth about impact wrenches is that they are identified by the degree of torque they deliver. This is a big reason why you must know the range of power it would need to get your job done. In fact, a cordless impact wrench equipped with a higher torque will always give better results at work. Those who work at the industrial level usually look for wrenches that require high torque.

  • Check the features

    This is no doubt one of the most significant factors to be kept in mind while looking for the good cordless impact wrench. It must have features like an LED light indicator, easy grip, strong battery life, compatible hog rings, sturdy casing, speed controls, noise levels and compact body. Apart from these, it should be absolutely light in weight so that it doesn’t cause inconvenience to the user, making it operate with ease and therefore achieving quality performance.

  • Know the size of your device

    It is a myth among many people that in comparison to traditional impact wrenches, the cordless ones are much bigger owing to their batteries. In contrast, a cordless impact wrench usually comes equipped with lightweight and small-sized batteries. This is why they show a minimal effect on the weight and size of the tool..

  • Check the battery power

    A battery is indeed a prime consideration when it comes to choosing a cordless impact wrench. The higher its battery life, the faster it would charge. Some of these cordless devices also come without batteries. In these cases, you need to get the charger and batteries separately. Besides, the battery voltage should also be taken into consideration. Different cordless wrenches come with different voltage capacities. You can look for wrenches that have up to 24-volt battery while some have 18 to 20 volts.

Now that you have come to know everything about buying the cordless impact wrench, you can purchase it with confidence.

1. Milwaukee 2763-22 Cordless Impact Wrench – Powerful and Fast

If speed, control, and performance are to be blended together in a wrench, then nothing can beat the 2763-22 M18 1/2 Inch impact wrench from the house of Milwaukee. Being far ahead of technology, this red-colored cordless impact wrench for lug nuts has come up with the promise to deliver a fastening torque of 700 feet/lbs, a nut-busting torque of 1,100 feet/lbs and a runtime of up to 2X.

With its Powerstate Brushless Motor, it gives a tough competition to its rivals who are sure to get jealous in witnessing the non-stop power output of the device. A lot of on-road repairers have, therefore, expressed satisfaction towards using this best cordless impact wrench for automotive.

Milwaukee 2763-22 cordless impact wrench also gets a tick on its battery performance. With its Redlithium XC5.0 battery, it extends its power massively, giving the user to work with no disruptions.

So, an impact wrench that shows the potential to deliver more work on every single charge will, of course, draw the attention of working who are into regular loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts.

Technically enriched, this trendy cordless wrench also comes equipped with an onboard fuel gauge that would let you monitor the charge more precisely. So, what happens here is that you do not have to face more downtime at work.

For being equipped with the RedLink Plus Intelligence, it allows the user to pick between two fastening modes along with the brand’s own Drive Control feature, which actually betters the performance and ensures complete protection against over-discharge, overheating and overload as well. Moreover, it is very compact in size that would let you carry it with ease anywhere. Do not worry about its charger as it comes with a multi-voltage one.

  • Long battery life to deliver work in volumes
  • High on power and efficiency
  • Great run time of up to 2X
  • A bit heavy to weigh 

2. Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti – A Silent Powerhouse

The fact that technology has strengthened with time can now be best proved with the Ingersoll Rand 2135QTI-2MAX 1/2-Inch Titanium Duty Air Impactool. This Titanium Quiet Tool comes with a 2-inch extended anvil to take performance to a whole new level.

Equipped with the best power-to-weight ratio to set the performance standard, this new-age device comes equipped with a higher torque of 780 ft/lbs. Weighing only 3.95 lbs, this cordless impact wrench is extremely light in weight.

Powered by the Quiet Tool technology, it gives the user a pleasant experience for sustaining a controlled sound level and that also without compromising on performance. What has, moreover, made this masterpiece a great working tool for comfort and convenience are its super enhanced controls.

Ingersoll Rand 2135Ti is a far better model in comparison to the older ones for having immense power and control along with unparalleled consistency that has resulted from over a century of efficient innovation and engineering.

Owing to its sleek design, this best cordless impact wrench for lug nuts makes for greater control and convenience. What makes it stand out from others is its thoughtful design, a twin hammer mechanism, one-handed reverse/forward, a feather-touch trigger for easy control, advanced grease fitting for hassle-free maintenance. Its performance will also be optimized due to air inflow. For its solid coat anodized end plate, even the toughest jobs look effortless.

Light in weight and compact in design, this advanced tool is user-friendly that makes it easier for one to accomplish the most complex jobs with ease. In terms of price, it is also affordable, at least you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Believe it or not, it’s worth the money, which you will realize once you start using it.

  • 4 power settings in forwarding
  • Quiet Tool Technology that reduces noise
  • High nut bursting torque that loses a nut in 6 seconds
  • Needs a suitable compressor 

3.Ingersoll Rand W7150 – Sturdy Comfortable and Efficient

After doing good business in the world of high-torque impact toolkits, Ingersoll Rand has once again come up with another sensational cordless impact wrench kit having the best power to weight ratio. Weighing only 6.8 lb, it is absolutely light in weight and has an impressive nut-busting torque of 1100 ft-lb. Scoring high on durability, this new age cordless wrench is super-efficient for being equipped with rare earth magnet motor.

Moreover, what makes it possible to accomplish the toughest of jobs are its variable speed trigger, rare earth magnet motor, metal reinforced housing and all-metal drive train. In other words, it leaves no question in terms of its durability and can be considered for the most challenging jobs.

What makes this battery powered impact wrenchscore high on comfort is its ergonomic handle along with its feather-touch over-molded grip. As a result, it optimizes balance and assures more comfort at work. Apart from convenience, what many workers have appreciated about it is its 20V lithium battery that gives it a long life.

In other words, it has the capacity to stay charged for long hours and has a minimal internal impedance as well. So, the delivery and runtime are just too good. Well, the story does not end here as this amazing device also comes with an incredible battery management system. This means that the wrench gets current control and power-level from the battery, which it transports to the switch and then to the motor, thereby doubling its efficiency.

Whether you are a professional technician or a newbie, Ingersoll Rand W7150 will make you do your jobs faster every time you switch it on. Of course, it’s a value for money and there is no doubt about it.

  • Comfortable grip to work easily
  • Long battery life that makes it operate for long hours
  • Light in weight and quite portable
  • Requires charging after heavy usage

4. Milwaukee 2663-22 – Ideal for Heavy-duty Jobs

With the prime intention to sustain user-friendliness and durability, Milwaukee has brought a feature-rich and robust cordless impact wrench. In tune with the latest technology, Milwaukee 2663-22 has a mind-blowing impact mechanism that results in its world-class torque. Light in weight, it weighs 475 feet/lbs that make it quite portable. So, carrying it from one place to another does not require any effort.

Those who have been looking forward to discarding their pneumatic models are now showing more interest towards opting these models for more comfort and convenience. In fact, this time Milwaukee has ensured to bring more speed and power owing to its 4-pole motor. Fatigue is even assured to be kept miles away owing to its easy grip.

Productivity is a huge requirement that needs to strengthen with time, no matter what type of work it is. This is where the friction ring works and makes way for easy socket changes, thereby resulting in high productivity.

The overload protection plays a key role in preventing damage to the tool as well as the battery in unfavorable circumstances. Designed to accomplish industrial, mechanical and automotive jobs, Milwaukee 2663-22 will cover a wide range of applications from loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts to accomplishing maintenance and construction jobs.

The most powerful cordless impact wrenchshould always be able to handle any type of heavy-duty task, and this power-house from Milwaukee has that similar ability in a small body. Moreover, its ergonomic design and prolonged runtime let you do more work per charge.

Even if you are worried about reaching the tightest of corners, this advanced wrench will never put pressure on your hands and will rather give you the pleasure to work hands-free. Now bring home this cordless impact wrench and you will surely say Milwaukee rocks!

  • High torque 4-pole motor
  • Advanced battery monitoring ensures maximum life
  • Swift recharging, done in 1 hour
  • Direction slide too easy to move

5. Ingersoll Rand 2115QTiMAX – Perfect Tool for Automotive Jobs

Impact wrench that comes best in class power performance, delivering 300 feet/lbs of torque in the reverse direction will no doubt be a worthy pick. Ingersoll Rand 2115QTiMAX is a treat to the fingers as it comes with a feather-touch trigger along with a plethora of settings for regulating power in the forward direction. With Max power in reverse, it has promised to keep its users satisfied with its 7 vane motor, delivering more power.

Easy to use, it has a patented one-handed reverse and forwards for control and easy operation. So, if you belong to the automotive industry, Ingersoll Rand 2115QTiMAX will make it easily accomplish jobs like tire rotation, routine repairs and more.

Feature-rich and convenient, this smart handheld tool is outstanding in performance. As it measures less than 6 inches and weighs less than 2.5 pounds, it can be ideally called compact that makes it hassle-free to preserve. This minimal size, rather, helps you get access to tighter spaces while its compact and lightweight body reduces fatigue for the user, thereby helping him perform better.

What also makes it stand out from others is its twin hammer mechanism and optimized airflow that makes it score high on efficiency and performance. Comfort too is assured owing to its ergonomic housing and one-hand forward/reverse. Moreover, the easier the control a cordless impact wrench has, the better is the productivity.

Guess what; Ingersoll Rand 2115QTiMAX is even easier to maintain due to its optimized grease fitting. So, if you are going to consider this for industrial use, it’s certainly going to be worth the money as you are now going to get all the toughest jobs done in a jiffy.

  • Power regulator settings in wide range
  • Feather touch trigger for easy operation
  • 7-vane motor for more power
  • Compact in size and light in weight
  • NA

6. DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059HB – An Efficient Heavy-duty Job Accomplisher

Dewalt, one of the world’s most acclaimed brands, has been excelling in heavy-duty fastening applications for years, and now they are back with an 18-volt cordless impact wrench. Equipped with a Hot Ring Anvil, it runs at 1650 rpm, which is certainly an impressive speed to run applications smoother and faster.

With a rocker switch design that works wonders for easy fastening, DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059HB comes with a heavy-duty impacting mechanism that has been designed to direct torque to speed up without any kind of kickback. In fact, this fabulous innovation from the house of Dewalt has also been complimented for its outstanding ergonomics that make it a perfect choice for one and all.

What this Dewalt impact wrench also boasts about is its half-inch drive that has the ability to deliver both concussive blows at 2,600 BPM and rotation at 1,650 RPM to the fastener at an incredible 300 pounds of highest torque. Furthermore, it will stay powered for long hours for its 18-volt cordless batteries.

As mentioned earlier, its Hot Ring Anvil will let you change sockets with ease as well as in no time. To sustain durability, this best cordless impact also comes in a magnesium gear case that confirms its long life. If cordless impact wrench has even been a delicate and sensitive device for you, it’s high time that you must use it then to get rid of this misconception.

DEWALT Bare-Tool DW059HB is indeed quite advanced and will deliver you better and faster results if used in a proper manner. At least, it will help you discard your pneumatic wrench when you will start comparing the features; that’s an assurance.

  • Durable magnesium gear housing adds durability
  • Light in weight that makes it easier to carry
  • Hog Ring anvil for easy socket changes
  • No charger included with the pack

7. Milwaukee 2663-20 – MakesHeavy-duty Jobs a Breeze

Milwaukee, the brand that has been creating miracles in the world of tools and accessories for nuts and bolts, has brought a smart impact wrench without cords. Milwaukee2663-20 has a commendable impact mechanism that leads to its high-class torque. Being extremely compact in size, it weighs 475 feet/lbs that make it quite portable.

So, you can easily carry it from one place to another.With this, you can simply discard your pneumatic tools that are heavier and fall short in terms of convenience and performance in comparison to the new age cordless wrenches.This model from Milwaukee promises more speed and power owing to its 4-pole motor. One can even say no to fatigue for its easy grip.

If we talk about productivity, it should always improve with time, and this big promise has been kept by Milwaukee2663-20. With the friction ring, works it allows for easy socket changes, resulting in high productivity.

Moreover, the overload protection feature prevents damage not only to the tool but also to the battery in unfavorable conditions. Designed to accomplish automotive and industrial jobs, Milwaukee 2663-20encompasses a plethora of applications from loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts to handling construction jobs.

One of the necessary concerns for impact wrenches is whether they would be able to meet heavy-duty tasks, and this cordless impact wrench from Milwaukee has that equal power in a compact body. Furthermore, it has a prolonged runtime that will help you do volumes of work in just a single charge.

Do not worry about reaching the tightest of corners as this small-sized wrench will never put pressure on your hands. Instead, it will give you the advantage to work hands-free. So, delay no more and go for this cordless impact wrench to accomplish any heavy-duty task with no effort.

  • Long battery life better performance
  • Compact in size makes it easier to store
  • Impact Mechanism for maximum efficiency
  • Direction slide easily moved

9. Bosch IDH182 – Performance at its Best

If you are one of those tradesmen looking for tools that are powerful and versatile, the new Bosch IDH182 cordless impact wrench kit is sure to leave you impressed. Stepping into the market with its socket ready adapter, it has helped a lot of users seamlessly change between ½ inch sockets and¼ screwdriver bits.

With this, it has also eliminated the need for two tools or the difficulty of damaged socket adapters. Innovation at its best, this cordless impact wrench from the house of Bosch comes equipped with all-in-one Socket Ready tool holder. This indeed has proved to be an unmatched alternative to get the job done quite efficiently. Powered by the brand’s next generation EC Brushless motor, it has 2X motor life, higher efficiency, prolonged runtime and zero maintenance.

Featuring intelligent electronic battery along with engineered motor protection, Bosch IDH182 has a long-lasting battery life.Moreover, the brand’s very own hammer and anvil system are designed to assure high impact endurance along with an augmented tool performance in metal and wood fastening applications.

To handle more complex applications with higher efficiency, the IDH182 produces a high torque of 1,650 in-lbs, causing a very powerful impact driver in its class. Besides, the adjust tool speed, as well as torque alongside a button, let the user raise power or lessen fastener damage taking help of the brand’s Performance Control System.

With a head length of 6.2 inches, the impact driver weighs only 3.2 pounds and is powered by a 2.0 Ah battery. IDH182 has also been designed quite ergonomically so that the user enjoys comfort while using it. The three LED design helps to illuminate the work area to a good extent and that also without shadows. Now wait no more and add this to your list of tools with no further thought.

  • Great motor life and battery life
  • Intelligent electronic battery
  • Great speed controlling system
  • Tiny and hard to press buttons

Different Types of Impact Wrenches

There is a myth among people that choosing the right type of impact wrench is a big challenge. Well, the first thing that should be done is understanding the different types of impact wrenches. Once you get an idea, you will not find it difficult to differentiate one from another.

The first thing that one should know is that impact wrenches are usually divided into two categories. This categorization is based on the type of power used to generate torque, that is, electric powered wrenches and air powered wrenches.

The air powered impact wrenches are also referred as Pneumatic Impact Wrenches. Further, the electrically powered impact wrenches are classified into Cordless Impact Wrenches and Corded Impact Wrenches.

Possibly, there are no further classifications of neither a Corded Impact Wrenches nor Cordless Impact Wrenches. So, if you think that you are going to research on the various types of cordless or corded impact wrenches, you might end up wasting your time.

Now, let’s take into consideration the three different types of impact wrenches and know about their key features and strengths.

  • Pneumatic Impact Wrench

To start with, Pneumatic Impact Wrench is compressed by air and is counted among the traditional impact wrenches. In fact, they were the first to be designed. They usually need an air compressor that supplies the compressed air as its key source of power.

Available in a variety of sizes, they have diverse measurements ranging from 0.25 and 0.375 inches to 0.50 inches and 1 inch. Basically, the drive size refers to the amount of torque that can be provided by the tool.

A drive size of 1 inch has the ability to produce 3000 feet/lbs. Moreover, if the impact wrench has a higher drive size, it would produce a larger amount of torque. Even when there is no power, these wrenches can be used on a constant basis, and this is a big advantage of using such wrenches.

  • Cordless Electric Impact Wrench

As the term says, cordless impact wrenches are powered by batteries. Typically, they either use lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries. Now, these batteries range from 18 to 28 volts, which however depends on the model. Being mostly rechargeable, these impact wrenches are available in different drive sizes, models, and price ranges.

One of the biggest advantages of the top cordless impact wrench would be its portability as it eliminates an external power source. So, when it comes to flexibility and convenience, a battery impact wrench will always stand ahead, whether you are busy doing on-road repairs or any other domestic work.

  • Corded Electric Impact Wrench

By drawing power directly from an electrical source, a corded electric impact wrench comes with a cord that helps to connect it to a socket. As a matter of fact, corded electric power wrenches have become quite rare. The reason is that the majority of manufacturers are now opting for the cordless ones.

However, corded wrenches can still be found in drive sizes of 0.50 and 0.75 inches. One of the reasons why some people still choose corded impact wrenches is that they can be used non-stop till there is power.


Tightening and loosening of nuts and bolts will now be an effortless job with a cordless impact wrench. With such a new-age device, wires will take a backseat by keeping the user miles away from the power source. A few batteries will only be required to run the device without any disruption.

One must also check the type of job requirement he/she is willing to accomplish, based on which the cordless impact wrench should be chosen.Safety, swiftness, and efficiency will, furthermore, be taken care by these electrically powered wrenches at all workplaces.

The Best cordless impact wrench should have a decent torque and a good battery backup. When choosing a cordless impact wrench, one should also keep in mind its size and shape, standard measurements, durability, and strength. Now, get your most preferred cordless impact wrench, push the batteries in, switch on its power and lend your work a class performance.

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