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Drilling without the help of cords can be an amazing experience if you have the right cordless drill in hand. It was the year 1916 when the original portable drill was assembled for the first time at the National Museum of American History. D.C. Although the electric drills were in operation long before, they were, however, huge in size and were used for industrial purposes. It was the first time when Black + Decker came up with its drill that was completely lightweight and portable.Cordless Drill

Today, they are known to operate on rechargeable batteries and let users accomplish numerous applications in no time. Cordless drills can be used anywhere, and the best thing about it is that the user does not necessarily have to work near the electrical outlet.

Moreover, there are different types of cordless drills, and based on one’s project requirement, abattery powered drill can be chosen. So, whether it’s a DIY or any big commercial project, best cordless drill will always be your savior. 

How to Choose Best lithium Ion Cordless Drill

Choosing the best lithium ion cordless drill is not at all a challenge unless you know the right parameters to judge. As a matter of fact, it comes in three configurations – a separate tool with batteries and charger; a part of a toolkit and as a plain and simple tool with no charger or battery.

So, if you just want a drill since you do not own any, the first configuration type is ideal. If you are going for kits, the second category would be great. The final configuration type would be considered if you already have a compatible battery with a different tool.

Besides, here are a few factors you must consider while buying the best lithium ion cordless drill. Take a look:

  • Chuck size

The majority of cordless drills comes with either a 3/8th-inch or a ½-inch chuck. One of the biggest advantages of checking the chunk size is that it checks the capability and power of a drill. Moreover, it allows an upper limit for the shank size of the bits, which the drill can capacitate.

  • Updated chargers

Cordless drills, nowadays, are accompanied with new-age batteries that come with the ability to keep batteries away from being overcharged. Moreover, the current-day chargers come with indicator lights to show the battery status.

  • Lithium-ion batteries
  •   The batteries installed inside a cordless drill must be lithium-ion since these batteries are much powerful and take minimum time to charge.
  • Brushless motor

With a brushless motor, friction along with the sense resistance gets reduced. In this process, the power to be drawn from the battery keeps getting adjusted on a continuous basis.

So, just keep these points in mind and believe it or not, you will never find it difficult to choose an appropriate cordless drill.

  • DEWALT DC970K – Compact Drill

Blending technology with class, Dewalt has always come up with sensational working tools since their inception. Right from driver kits to corded and cordless drivers and hammers, Dewalt has pleased almost all industrial workers over the world by their unmatched products. This time they have come up with DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill that will now help one accomplish all challenging repair works.

Besides power and effectiveness, this 18-volt driver boasts a cool look owing to its trendy color combination of yellow and black. Proving to be great for residential and professional use, it comes with a firm molded-plastic design.

Moreover, its compact design makes it effortless to work long hours and this is why the majority of new-age workers prefer working with it.

Reviews are almost positive everywhere in regard to DC970K-2 18-Volt Compact Drill as it has indeed been the showstopper in fitting into all tight spaces. Imagine the length of the drilling section, which is 9 inches and is, therefore, an excellent choice for accomplishing majorly onsite jobs. The beneficial aspect is the cordless section that does not require you to stay close to the power outlet.

Furthermore, its dual-speed ranges from 0 to 450 RPM or 0 to 1,500 RPM that makes work so smooth. Powered by a NiCad battery, this best cordless drill under 100by Dewalt will bring happy faces. Value for money, this cordless drill is just going to be a reliable companion in your home repair projects.

  • Compact in size that makes it user-friendly
  • Multiple speed equipped wit2-range settings
  • Wobbling tendency in terms of chucking while drilling at high speed
  • BLACK+DECKER LDX120C – Lithium Ion drill

If drilling has been the most challenging job on earth, Black+Decker will just take seconds to falsify the statement with LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver. Well, it scores high in multiple aspects, which is a big factor that has made this accessory a hit among thousands. Right from serving a wide array of applications to completing all DIY projects at home, this cordless powerhouse comes in a compact design and is absolutely light in weight.

The lighter a tool, the easier it is to work long hours, and this is where it has made a good percentage of homeowners fall for it. The place doesn’t matter as one can now make this cordless drill access the tightest spaces. Its 11-position clutch prevents it from screw stripping while its LED light illuminates the project area perfectly, thereby minimizing downtime.

When talking about the charge, LDX120C is just magical as its lithium-ion battery can power it up to 18 months. In other words, you can always be ready to accomplish any job of yours. Right from screwing through metal, plastic, and wood to drilling tools and DIY home repairs, this phenomenal tool is just outstanding in completing all such work with perfection.

What people have loved is its pocket-friendly price in comparison to its contemporary products as it is the best cordless drill under for masonry. Now bring home this BLACK+DECKER LDX120C 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver and get your repairs done with no hassles.

  • No need to stay near power outlet as the device is cordless
  • Quite portable and easy to carry
  • Drilling speed can be controlled
  • The drill is not good for heavy construction work.
  • No LED light provided.
  • Makita XPH102 18V LXT – Cordless Drill

Combining torque and speed in a compact size, Makita XPH102 18V LXT Hammer Drill Kit has received appreciation for its mind-blowing efficiency and battery backup as well. With the ability to get charged in just 30 seconds, this cordless drill kit comes equipped with a lithium-ion battery.

High on versatility, it can be used as either a hammer driver-drill or a normal driver drill. In fact, many have come up with positive feedbacks on its performance for applications in masonry, metal and even wood. There is no question in terms of its power as its four-pole motor has the capacity to deliver 480 lbs of MAX torque. In fact, it can go up to 1900 RPM and 28,500 RPM in a high-speed setting.makita Cordless Drill

Nothing can beat the technological brilliance of Makita XPH102 18V LXT as its Extreme Protection Technology (XPT) enables its drill to stay safeguarded against water and increased dust. Therefore, those who work at harsh job-sites will always prefer working with this super-protective cordless drill.

As mentioned earlier about its battery, Makita XPH102 18V LXT has an 18-volt lithium-ion battery that is known to charge with super speed so as to let the user save time and work longer. Weighing only 3.4 lbs, it is the best cordless drill under 100 and leaves no chance for one to fall prey to fatigue. Now, get rid of your multiple thoughts and grab hold of this best cordless hammer drill kit to make any drilling job possible.

  • Takes only half an hour to charge.
  • Enabled with Star Protection technology.
  • No bit holder provided.
  • Maintenance required for longer use.
  • PORTER-CABLE PCC606LA – Speed and Performance

Speed, performance, and competence are the three biggest positives of Porter-Cable PCC606LA that will now let you accomplish different types of projects with no hassles. What’s special about the PCC606LA kit is that it includes one double-ended bit tip, one PCC690L battery charger, one lithium-ion compact battery for PCC680L and one PCC600 drill.

Being extremely light in weight, it will not at all be difficult for the user to operate it for long hours. Since the compact battery weighs only 0.8 lbs, it will not add to the weight of the tool. So, workers who are in search of such convenient tools that can help them minimize both their time and effort can go for this exceptional product from the house of Porter.

Taking about its dual-range speed, Porter-Cable PCC606LAhas a commendable high-speed, which is even better than its average one. This 20-volt drill produces 330 Units Watts Out and gives a tough competition to its close rivals in the market. In comparison to PCC601, for instance, it delivers more power just what is exactly required to accomplish demanding applications.

The feature that can leave users amazed is its 23-clutch settings that will enable users to customize the quantity of torque to be delivered to the screw-head. Besides, its LED light and a couple of magnetic bit holders make it sufficient for smaller bits. Most owners, overall, have been found to be happy with this stunning tool from Porter. So, if you have been looking for the most powerful cordless drill that can make your home repairs effortless, go for it.

  • Light in weight and compact in size.
  • Powerful dual speed for more power.
  • A spare battery is required despite having a good battery life.
  • PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 – Lightweight Drill

Porter has once again brought a feature-rich toolkit after making name and fame from its initial range of products. PCCK604L2 is a pocket-friendly alternative to their very own PCCK602L2 kit. Equipped with a Li-ion driver, a couple of Li-ion batteries, a Li-on impact driver, a carrying case, a double-ended screw driving bit and a charger, it is no doubt a complete toolkit.

Owing to its 2-speed settings along with a high-performance motor, this trendy combo kit has allured thousands with their impressive torque and chuck capacity. Producing 283 unit watts it has a dual speed capacity of 0 to 2,800 RPM and 0 to 3,100 RPM. For making bit changes without any effort, it even features a 1-hand swift-load chuck.

Powered by 20-volt max Li-on batteries, Porter PCCK604L2 results in more power and increased runtime. The most striking addition to it is its charger that fuels up the batteries to stay charged for long hours. This has been reported to be extremely useful for all those who prefer working smoothly without charging the tool frequently. With a compact design and comfy handles, it becomes easier for one to make it work through tight spaces without being fatigued.

LED indicators have also been included so as to let one work in low-light settings. So, what can be more convenient than working with this lightweight tool that makes it perfect for drilling in diverse settings? Try drilling with this cordless drill for woodworking and you will get to know why it’s so amazing.

  • Easy to hold in hand and work.
  • Light in weight that keeps you away from fatigue.
  • Some might prefer only the drill and not the attachment kits.
  • Hitachi DS18DSAL – High Power

Belonging to Hitachi’s Compact Professional series, DS18DSAL is the first product that has stirred the world of toolkits. Powered by a 18V Lithium-ion slide battery, this stylish tool is exceptionally lightweight, weighing only 3.3 lbs. Compact in size, it measures only 7.7″ in length that will certainly keep all your efforts away to work long hours.Being the ideal driver drill, it is sure to leave amateurs as well as professionals contented for having the most ergonomic design among its rivals.

What makes it impressive is its variable speed trigger that sets its speed from 0 to 1,500 RPM or 0 to 350 RPM. With such speed settings, owners have been found to be extremely happy for being able to match the appropriate speed to their respective job.

What owners have also talked about are its 22-driving stages. Moreover, it has a mode specialized for drilling that allows for precision driving and high torque applications. Even if you are concerned about illuminating your work surface, it comes with an LED that does the job. To add to the user’s convenience, a metal belt hook has been introduced.

For greater flexibility, a keyless 1.5-inch intensifying metal chuck has also been added that will accept a wide range of bits. Economical in price, it is anyway a super convenient tool for anyone.

  • Great power and great balance that justifies speed and performance simultaneously.
  • Long battery life that enables the user to work long hours.
  • Lack of bit storage.
  • No LED bulb for a work light.
  • Dewalt DC759 18-Volt – Powerful Battery

In response to the demand for cordless drills in the market, Dewalt DC759KA has received positive responses from all over the world. Having proved to be a reliable power tool, this cordless driver can deliver up to 380 Unit Watts Out. As a matter of fact, its power rating is incomparable to inch-pounds, that is, the drill power rating by Dewalt cannot be compared with any other drill, which still makes use of the conventional industry standard. With a high power-rating, the drilling can be made faster and, therefore, the work can be completed in no time.

With dual speed settings, this Dewalt cordless driver can deliver 0 to 450 RPM or 0 to 1500 RPM that will just match the torque to the set operation. On top of the tool, there is a dual range shifter that makes it easier for one to choose either high torque setting, low speed or low torque setting, high speed. In fact, the speed for drilling diverse materials can be controlled by means of the variable speed trigger.

What makes it more user-friendly is its forward/reverse function that also serves as a lock-off function. Dewalt DC759KA drill includes a double-ended screwdriver kit, a one-hour charger as well as a kit box. Weighing 5.5 pounds along with the battery, DeWalt DC759 is the cordless drill under 100and also quite portable. So, wait no more and order for this home depot cordless drill for better performance.

  • Light in weight and compact in size.
  • Long battery life that lets the user work long hours.
  • Fast charging
  • Switches are not clear enough to recognize.

Different Types of Cordless Drills

If you are into industrial engagements and you feel that your toolbox needs to be upgraded, just check whether you are having a cordless drill instead of a corded one. In case you are not having one, you need to ensure that you are aware of the right type of battery powered drill that can meet your work requirements. So, what is extremely important is knowing and understanding the different types of cordless drills prior to buying an appropriate one.

So, let’s take a look at the types of cordless drills you can consider for multiple purposes:

  • Cordless drivers –

Homeowners would love working with these tools as these are quite common. These tools score high on versatility as they are able to drill holes in light metals or wood. In fact, cordless drivers can easily remove screws, irrespective of the place.

  • Cordless screwdrivers –

Being more compact and light in weight, cordless screwdrivers bear the least amount of power. These drivers are best for handling light tasks and home repair jobs. However, these are not perfect for drilling holes but can easily handle minor tasks.

  • Cordless impact drivers –

Ideally meant for heavy-duty tasks, these almost look like cordless drivers. It does not have a keyless chuck like what is contained in an ordinary cordless drill. These are also quite famous among industrial workers.

  • Cordless Hammer Drivers –

If there is any tool that can drill off solid surfaces, it’s a hammer drill. It has a customizable clutch and its power range is between 18 and 36 volts.


Now make drilling an effortless job with a super advanced cordless drill. In comparison to corded drills that used to be the traditional choice of users, cordless drills are now into fashion that will minimize the labor necessary to put in for completing bigger projects.

What you will love while working with these battery-powered drills is their convenience, unlike other conventional drills that take time and consume electricity as well. While buying a cordless drill, just make sure to keep in mind its chunk size, its charging requirements and battery capacity, brushless technology and LED indicator.

In other words, the features it will comprise should make this device extremely user-friendly, and the more user-friendly it is, the higher is your convenience. So delay no more, chalk out your project requirements, pick the best cordless drill, check its features and get your job done in a jiffy.

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